3 Participate in twitter discussions of your industry

You can form strong and warm connections through industry discussions.

4 Schedule your time spent on twitter

Since it is not reasonable to be on twitter all day long, you can schedule when to  posts, and read your responses carefully.

5 Search based on relevant industry tags

Use keywords that are related to your industry and search based on those.

6 Send a welcome message to your new followers

You can send a welcome or hello or engage a bit with a new follower’s recent tweet.

7 Ask to share

  • 86 percent of followers are more likely to visit a business if a friend recommends it
  • 8 Monitor your tweets

    You can monitor your tweets to see their engagement levels, in order to gain feedback.

    9 Don´t mind too much the numbers of your followers

    Bigger number of followers aren’t always better, so be authentic and your audience will grow naturally.

    10 Add a complete and interesting profile

    You can add a complete profile and make it interesting, in order for your followers to learn about you and get interested.